Carbon tubes for DRONES*

We produce filament wound tubes for UAVs, drones and hang gliders

Key parameters for the tubes are light weight, and strength

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Carbontube 27x30x1200mm, weight 260g

Carbontube 30x33x550mm, weight 132g

All tubes are made in accordance with specification.

We can make only cylindrical and straight tubes.

Inner diameter 6mm min. Wall thicknes 1 to 10mm


Filament winding angle  5 to 85 degrees.

We can vary winding angles inside tube layers to combine stiffness, flexibility, and torsion resistance.

Tubes are available in original or in sanded form. 

Carbon tubes are lightweight (1.5g cc) and strong as steel.


Carbontube 38x42x700mm, wt 393g/m

Carbontube 38x42x700mm


Tubes range

Square carbon tubes